How to Stage a Cluttered Home

Staging a Cluttered Home

Clutter. We all have it in our homes. It’s practically impossible to keep a home clutter-free – especially if more than one person lives there. The longer you live somewhere, the higher the probability that clutter has made its way into your home.

Prior to listing your home for sale in Castle Rock, it should absolutely be decluttered and staged. This seems like a simple concept to an outsider. However, decluttering your home might be a huge chore and an almost-impossible undertaking.

A Cluttered Home

Clutter makes it hard for prospective buyers to see what your home really looks like.

One of the biggest challenges you might face is figuring out where the clutter should be placed or stored. If you’re not going to throw away or donate your clutter to charity, where is it supposed to go?

While it might be possible to sell your Castle Rock townhome – even if it’s stuffed to the gills with clutter, it might take longer to sell it. And, the selling price might be lower than it could have been. This is exactly why decluttering and staging your home before it’s listed for sale is incredibly important.

Decluttering and staging your home is all about making it look welcoming and appealing to as many prospective buyers as possible. It’s also about creating a neutral and inviting environment that screams, “Buy Me! Personalize Me! Make Me YOUR Home!” to just about everyone who tours the property.

Following are tips that can help make the decluttering and staging process easier before you list your home for sale:

Give Yourself Ample Time

While it shouldn’t take an entire year to declutter your home, it’s also something that is easier to tackle over the course of a few days or weeks. Decluttering your home can be stressful and time-consuming. Set a timeframe and commit to decluttering one or two rooms each day.

Rent a Storage Space

If you can simply not bear to donate your old clothes, books or items that you no longer use to charity, rent a storage space. Depending on the geographic location in which you live, it might be possible to hire a storage company to deliver a POD (portable storage container) to the front of your house, which can be loaded with your items, and then temporarily moved to an off-site location. When you’re ready for your items to be returned, the storage company will return it to you.

Remove Excess Furniture

Rooms that are stuffed with too much furniture can look crowded and small. If you absolutely want to keep all of your furniture, put some of it into storage.

Clear the Countertops

Nobody wants to walk into your bathroom and see make-up, a blow dryer, a toothbrush, or collection of medication! Make sure to remove all items from bathroom and kitchen counters. Decluttering these areas is an absolute must.

Hire a Professional

If decluttering and staging your home is job that you cannot handle on your own, there are plenty of professionals who are more than happy to help. From professional organizers to professional stagers, make sure to ask your real estate agent for a recommendation.

It’s essential that you trust your real estate agent, and follow the agent’s guidance. If your agent recommends decluttering and staging your home before it’s listed for sale, the recommendation should be followed. Presenting your home in the best possible fashion can mean the difference between selling your home quickly and having it sit on the market for an extended period of time.

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