Income property near Western University while your child attends UWO?

Every year I get emails from across Canada & Europe from parents of students who will be going to Western or other facilities near UWO (The University of Western Ontario).University of Western Ontario

They are looking for a decent home that they can live in while attending Western, plus, have some room mates to offset the costs.

How about a 6 bedroom house, 5 1/2 years old, all the amenities and a few minutes to Masonville Mall and UWO?

For only $429,000! Or a nice 3 + 1bedroom townhouse, 5 minutes away for $299,000 or an upscale highrise apartment condo, 2 bedrooms for $359,000?

Here’s more.

Again, starting from $149,000 and up, there are many options to fit your budget and now is the time to start thinking about it and taking action.

When you do the math and think about what your child’s living cost will be for for the next few years and you can offset some or all of those costs, that is nice! It even gets better if inflation and appreciation occurs!

Of course, there are risks and that is why these clients employed me as their Realtor, I know the values, the neighbourhoods and the safety aspects of your child living away from home.